Service support system

  • Service commitment

Our company has passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system international certification unit, has established a set of service management system documents for customer service, and also strictly implements management, and has a very serious and responsible spirit for customers. Our company strictly follows the documents: YG/CD7.5-03 "Implementation Measures for Sales Service" always runs through the pre-sale, sales and after-sales service, and implements a series of preferential measures for customers.

We guarantee that the goods are brand new, unused, made with state-of-the-art technology and materials, and fully comply with the quality, specifications and performance requirements of the contract. The relevant quality certificate of the equipment and materials, the certificate of origin and other materials may be submitted to the buyer, the materials to be inspected shall be inspected as required, and the inspection report and other information shall be provided. At the same time that we provide mature products, we will also provide high-quality technical services. Services are also part of our products. As long as the equipment is in, our services are there, we can give full play to the advantages and better serve the users.

Quality Assurance starts with technology and meets user requirements in product selection. We will provide products with mature technology and stable operation and reliable performance.

Strictly formulate technical measures and strictly enforce them. Operators are required to conduct self-inspection according to the drawings and standard requirements and technical documents. The full-time inspection is strictly checked, and unqualified products are not allowed to leave the factory;

During the installation period, technicians will be stationed at the site to carry out technical services, guide the installation quality, communicate with Party A and the supervision company in time, and find out the problems in time;

If you find a problem in terms of technology and quality of the course, I immediately repair the equipment, ensure the repair is completed within the first time, the economic losses are minimized.

Service commitment

1、Strictly implement the service file management system and track and communicate in a timely manner;

2、Strictly fulfill the requirements stipulated in the contract and guarantee the delivery period;

3、 Free commissioning training, training of operators in safety and technology;

4、Find out the problem and solve it in time. Set up service line: 13506151153. Implement 24-hour service, receive calls from users, and do not rest on holidays;

5、 All year round inventory of various specifications valves, instruments, elbows, screw nuts and various tools;

6、 Quality Assurance Period: The warranty period is 18 months after the delivery of the equipment or 12 months after the equipment is put into operation, whichever comes first.

7、After the warranty period expires, the equipment will be maintained for life; after the warranty period, the labor costs will be repaired, and only the travel expenses and labor wages will be collected.

Service content

1. Purpose: To enable users to master the working principle of the equipment and to use and maintain it safely and correctly.

2, content: working principle, operating procedures, various precautions in operation, daily maintenance, maintenance, repair methods.

3, the way: theoretical class and practical operation.

Field Service:

1、Guide installation, school map, and on-site technical consultation.



4. On-site training.


6、On-site visit.

Return visit:

1、At least one on-site return visit every month, two phone calls back.

2、Supervise the user to start, maintain and manage.

4、Feedback on user product quality.

5、Feedback user rationalization advice

After-sales service measures and regulations
  • 1. According to the delivery list of the factory, the after-sales service department will determine the list of responsible persons for equipment service within 1 day. The responsible person will inform the user to prepare the receiving equipment according to the delivery list and the arrival date, and establish the user equipment file and economic file.
  • 2. The responsible person rushed to the site to assist the user in loading and unloading on the date of arrival.
  • 3. During the installation, technicians are stationed at the scene.
  • 1. Zhongzheng's after-sales engineers assist the user or install the company to debug the equipment.
  • 2. In case of failure, the after-sales service engineer first contacted the operator and telephoned; if it could not be solved, he rushed to the scene; if the scene could not be solved, immediately notified the company's technical headquarters to assist in the solution.
  • 3, each equipment has a service return visit form, the opinions are signed by the user, and the user directly supervises the after-sales service of our company.
    Return visit:
  • 1. Patrol the device once a month.
  • 2. Call the operator's operation technology twice a month to listen to and solve various technical problems raised by the user.
  • 3. Formulate maintenance and maintenance methods for the transitional season and guide users to implement them.
  • 4, courteous to the customer, patient and meticulous, and work. If the user has the commissioning conditions, the responsible person must complete the commissioning work within one week.
After-sales service standard
Four full service:

1, the whole process of service: from the delivery of goods to confirm, guide the installation, commissioning, assist users to repair, maintenance, management, from the beginning to the end of the careful service, responsible for the end.

2, 24/7 service: 7*24 hours telephone consultation service, to ensure the loss caused by the user to the minimum with the most effective and fastest service requirements.

3, full-service: All users have scheduled regular inspections, return visits, and effectively carry out a series of comprehensive maintenance and maintenance services for user equipment.

4, wholehearted service: patiently listen to user opinions and requirements, meticulous operation, provide quality services, sincerely declined any gifts.

Five principles:

1. “Advocate”: Promote the use of standard civilized language.

2, "Two eliminate": put an end to the user's second complaint; put an end to falsification.

3. “Three musts”: Users must be visited regularly; they must be guided by technical specifications; 7*24-hour hotline telephone consultation service must be implemented.

4. "Four guarantees": guarantee timely; ensure quality; ensure the whole process of service; to ensure the normal operation of equipment.

5."Five serious": listen carefully to the user's opinions; carefully check and analyze the fault; carefully debug the repair; carefully fill out the various forms; seriously work with the user to do a good job.