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How to choose thermal oil heater

2019-01-08     Hits:1

  For the selection of heat transfer oil boilers, first of all, several parameters must be determined. One process uses heat, one uses heat temperature, and the other is heat transfer.

  There are several ways to determine the heat used in the process:

  1. Calculation, according to the specific heat capacity of the material to be heated, the heating temperature difference, the processing amount per unit time, etc., the heat required per unit time is equal to the product of the three, and the calculation result considers a certain amount of wealth as the boiler capacity.

  2. The sum of the heat used in the process equipment can also be used as the basis for the use of heat.

  3. Refer to the experience of the same industry to increase or decrease on the basis of peers.

  4. If steam heating is used, it can be converted into heat transfer oil of the same tonnage and the capacity is appropriately reduced.

  The determination of the temperature of the heat transfer oil can be determined according to the characteristics of the heated material, and the heat transfer temperature difference is appropriately considered. The inlet and outlet oil temperature is generally determined by 20-30 degrees.

  The temperature of the exhaust gas of the heat transfer oil boiler is generally high, and the waste heat has various utilization schemes, which can be used to generate low pressure steam, or hot air, or to preheat the air.

  When the heat transfer, heat temperature and waste heat utilization scheme of the heat transfer oil boiler are determined, the general heat transfer oil manufacturer will give you a detailed system plan. Comparing the quality of a system plan is mainly to see the overall efficiency of the system.

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