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Factors affecting the price of coal-fired boilers

2019-01-08     Hits:3

  In recent years, with the introduction of environmental protection policies, there are many restrictions on the use of coal-fired boilers, but the price of environmentally friendly boilers such as biomass boilers and gas boilers is much higher than that of coal. China is the world's largest coal-producing country. Its coal resources are extremely rich and distributed in all provinces and regions. Therefore, coal-fired boilers cannot be completely replaced. Then, in the case of the contradiction between coal burning and environmental protection, environmentally friendly coal-fired boilers have become the first choice.

  So what are the factors affecting the price of environmentally friendly coal-fired boilers?

  1. Models and parameters of coal-fired boilers, such as: rated evaporation, rated steam pressure, rated steam temperature, feed water temperature, etc.

  a. Rated evaporation:

  Evaporation refers to the amount of evaporation produced per hour. The medium-equivalent evaporation is generally between 1-75t/h. The output is different, and the price of coal-fired boilers is different.

  b. Rated steam pressure:

  Different pressures require different process technologies, materials, and stresses. The higher the steam pressure, the more expensive the price.

  c. Rated steam temperature:

  Steam temperature is a factor affecting pressure. Generally, the pressure is high and the temperature is high. Therefore, the more requirements of technology and materials, the more expensive it is.

  2. The type of coal used is different and has an impact on the price of the boiler. According to the characteristics of different types of coal, such as volatile matter, moisture, calorific value, coal-fired boiler in the size of the furnace, the size and position of the heating surface, combustion equipment (such as: chain grate, reciprocating grate, beam grate, etc.) All aspects need to be adjusted accordingly.

  3. Auxiliary machine configuration of coal-fired boilers: Different users have different requirements for boiler configuration, and the number of matching also affects the price. Zhongzheng Boiler can customize the feeding system, slag discharging system and tail flue gas treatment system for users.

  4, the brand of boiler auxiliary machine used: a lot of brands, the price difference is large.

  5. Manufacturing process of coal-fired boiler: The manufacturing process of the boiler determines the quality of the product and directly affects the ex-factory price of the boiler. However, in the long run, a high-quality boiler has lower maintenance costs and a longer service life. .

  6. The area where the coal-fired boiler is used varies from altitude to altitude. The boiler auxiliary equipment specifications are also adjusted accordingly (such as blowers, induced draft fans, etc.), and therefore, the price of the boiler will also be affected.

  7. The coal-fired boiler has a quick-loading structure, an assembled structure, and a bulk structure. The selected boilers have different factory structures, and the corresponding installation costs are also affected.

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