20-ton & SZL Coal-fired Steam Boiler Project

Project Description

   The fermentation and distillation in wineries require a relatively large amount of steam. If heating and bathing heat are used, there will need more steam. Therefore, coal-fired steam boilers are the preferred boilers for fermentation and distillation in wineries. Kouzi Liquor is a national key brewer that is famous for producing nationally famous wines.It is also the first batch of liquor factories establish after the founding of the People's Republic of China. It mainly produces, manufactures and sells liquor. In order to meet the need for production expansion, Kouzi Liquor reached and analyzed the boiler industry, and after repeated consideration, Kouzi purchased a 20tons SZL coal-fired steam boiler for the production of white wine. The current Kouzi wine industry has a Kouzi jiao, Kouzifang, Laokouzi and other series of brand products.

Client feedback

  Steam boilers play a very important role in wine production and processing companies, directly affecting the production schedule and production quality of wine. The SZL coal-fired steam boiler provided by Zozen for us is the assistant of the brewing company. Steam from its boiler is fast and stable in operation. It is the first brand in the boiler industry.

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