17.5 SHX Series Circulating Fluidized Bed Hot Water Boiler Project

Project Description

  Central heating is one of the infrastructures of modern cities and an important facility for urban public utilities. According to analyze the purpose of Taoshan Heilongjiang Forestry Bureau that regional central heating, Zozen Boiler provided a SHX series circulating fluided bed hot water boiler for them. This type of boiler is widely used in the field of central heating for people’s life, has wide fuel adaptability and high combustion efficiency. The exhaust ash has good activity and is easy to be comprehensive utilized without secondary ash residue pollution. The principal said that since coal in the northeast region is dominated by poor calorific coal with low calorific value, this type of hot water boiler just makes use od this, and it can play a role in environmental protection, energy conservation.

Client feedback

  Zozen Boiler is responsible for the procurement and installation of boilers for us. It shows a very strong professionalism and execution capability throughout the entire service process. This cooperation is very enjoyable!

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